Social media search strategy

There are three main ways of finding out about internship and career opportunities:  online postings, word-of-mouth leads, and social media feeds.  Since is the largest online internship database and prep site, you’ve got that covered.  Word of mouth is all about networking:  check out the regular columns on networking in this newsletter for tips and ideas.  But what about social media?

For many companies, social media is often a first stop when recruiting.  Why?  Think about it:  if opportunities are first posted on company employees’ facebook pages and Twitter feeds, candidates who hear about the opportunities will be somehow connected to the employees.  It’s basically another way to find candidates who have a word of mouth connection or care about the work of the company.  It can also weed out people who are just looking for any internship or job.

So how do you do use social media effectively?  Connect with companies you’re interested in on Twitter and Facebook.  For example, maybe you’re interested in marketing internships in sustainable food companies.  Let’s say you’ve narrowed it down to Zingerman’s mail order foods, SweetRiot chocolates, and Stumptown Coffee.  Connect with their Facebook and Twitter feeds ASAP.  Not only will you be the first to know when they post or tweet new opportunities, but you’ll also get to know the work they do better through their posts.  Obviously, you’ll need to make sure your Facebook profile and Twitter feeds are professional, but that should be true for any internship or job search!

So as you’re looking for your next internship opportunity, be sure to include social media as a key component of your strategy!

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