Facebook: not just for fun anymore?

We all know that Facebook is great for friend feeds and keeping up with the latest cute kitten viral video.  But Mashable had a recent article about how to use Facebook to find great professional opportunities.  From simple tips about making sure you read your news feed to “liking” or “friending” companies you want to work for, to more complicated ones suggesting you get active in a relevant professional group or starting a dialogue in one of those groups, to fun ones such as competing in contests…there are plenty of ways to tap into the vast network of opportunities Facebook has to offer.

For more details, check out this article in Mashable to start using Facebook for fun and your professional future!

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2 Comments on “Facebook: not just for fun anymore?”

  1. Rachelle Timmer Says:

    Social media and networking is very much the place to meet individuals and show interest in companies. However, facebook may not be the most appropriate method of doing so, as it was created primarily for informal social contact.

    Linkedin is a professional networking site allowing members to have their own professional profile displaying academic and work-related accomplishments. Companies are also on LinkedIn, allowing members to ‘follow’ activity of companies of interest. There is also a job listing. Because the nature of the site is professional, perhaps connecting with and following companies may be more appropriate utilizing a professional profile.

    • interncoach Says:

      Great comment Rachelle! It’s really a personal decision for folks and each person needs to decide how and when they want to use the different social media platforms. But your point about LinkedIn is well-taken as that is often the more “professional” space.

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