3 steps to: Jumpstart your internship search

It’s September (almost October…) and hopefully you’ve gotten adjusted to the new school year, new dorm, new roommate, and new classes. The one other thing this year you’re going to need to figure out is the new internship search schedule. In past years, you could have safely started looking in January, maybe February, and probably even March and been fairly confident you’d find a good internship. These days, employers and students are starting earlier. Like now.

To make this manageable and ensure that it doesn’t cut into your school, sports, social, or nap time, here are three easy ways to start your internship search now and make sure you’re not falling behind on the new hiring schedule.

  1. Register with your career service office

This is one of the best things you can do for your search. While the process differs from campus to campus, most of the time you can sign up for daily or weekly emails with relevant internship and job opportunities, targeted intern and career fairs, and events and workshops on campus. You’ll also have the chance to talk with someone who knows how to help you find what you’re looking for. This is the easiest thing you can do right now and one of the most effective!

  1. Take the Internship Predictor (http://www.internships.com/predictor/)

Not sure what type of internship you’re interested in? Maybe you have an idea but need some more guidance on the specifics such as type of manager, office culture, size of company, etc.? The Internship Predictor is a quick (10 minutes!) way to assess your interests, aptitudes, and ideals in order to hone in on what you’re looking for in your next internship opportunity. Plus, you can take this and then use it to guide your conversation about what you’re looking for with your career advisor (see above) or professors (see below).

  1. Introduce yourself to your professors

You already know that relationships are integral to the internship and job search. Your professors are ideal people to connect with as they not only know you and your work, but also people working in different fields, industries, companies, and organizations. But don’t wait to approach your professors until the end of the term! You need to cultivate these relationships over the next few months. A few easy ways to do this:

    • Introduce yourself after class one day
    • Drop by for office hours to ask questions about an assignment or reading
    • Actively participate in class whenever you can

By the time you ask your professor for people you can talk with about internship opportunities, she’ll not only know you but will want to connect you with people she knows.

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