Too busy for an internship? Find one on campus

Your junior and senior years are very busy ones. You’re spending a lot of time studying for your major courses, and you probably have a leadership role in organizations. You realize that you should fit in an internship, but how and where? Around the campus is the answer.

The campus community, understanding that you have many priorities, is a flexible environment for an internship. The career center is the place to start looking for an internship that fits your schedule rather than an internship where you have to fit into company hours. Take a list of your available hours, the kinds of internships that interest you, and an updated resume. Discuss with a counselor what is the best “fit” for you, and then go to on-campus interviews.

If you already know what departments and offices of the campus appeal to you, you could approach them yourself, even if they don’t offer internships or have an opening. Before you make an appointment with the appropriate person in the desired area, develop an internship proposal with your available hours, suggested duties, and various talents, such as computer skills. You might volunteer to do an experimental internship for them, facilitating future internships that could be helpful to the department or office as well as other students.

Consider doing an internship on campus over the weekend, which may be less busy for you than doing the week. Internships in these areas may revolve around sports or special events sponsored by different offices. For example, the admissions office often brings in prospective students, the alumni office hosts alumni, or an academic department holds a campus conference.

One other choice for a campus internship is to go virtual.  Many departments or professors work on research projects and would value your input as a researcher, which you can do on your computer at your convenience. Other departments could use your help with online projects or Web sites, ensuring you can do a remote internship—no matter how busy you are.

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