Even first semester freshmen can check out internships!

You’ve just moved into a dorm, and you were elected a student representative. You’ve just taken your first test, and you’ve gotten an “A.” You’ve just gone to your first school football game, and your team won. You’re on a roll, so it’s time to check out the internship situation at your school.  Although you might not be ready in your first semester to take on an internship, it’s not too early to find out more about your future options.

You can start by going over to the campus career center and finding out what internships are available to you as a second semester freshmen or during the summer of your freshmen year.  One of the career counselors will help you understand what type of internship would work for you. Other decisions involve location of the internship, paid or unpaid, availability of academic credit, foreign language requirements, and housing help if necessary.

Another way to educate yourself on internships is to search for internship openings on internships.com, reviewing thousands of internships worldwide. The site also offers assessment tests to help you learn what kind of internship would suit you best. You can search by company to find out if you prefer a large or small company or a nonprofit. You may want to try one of each during your college career to determine what environment is the right “fit” for you. Internships really help you rule out what you don’t want as well as show you what you do want.

Internships.com also offers the Internship Predictor, a quick and free assessment tool which asks you a series of questions then delivers a set of recommendations for the types of internships and/or careers best for your work style and values.  You could take this to get an idea of what types of internships to start planning for in future semesters.

Network with other students who have completed internships to hear about their experiences. You could make a list of all the internships that you learn about and rank them according to your interest, so when you’re ready to apply for an internship, you have a starting point. Your first internship should be a great learning experience but not overwhelming. Choose an internship in which you know you’ll succeed, boosting your confidence level.

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