Utilizing the Career Center at your school for internships & advice

When you look at the map of your new campus, be sure to circle the career center; it’s going to be one of your most important destinations during your four years at college. Consider the career center an adjunct classroom, where you’ll learn important lessons about the professional world. The career center is your bridge to internships, where you’ll get hands-on experience to add value to your academic learning.

After you settle into your new life at college, make an appointment at the career center to learn more about its many offerings. When you go, dress appropriately as if you were going to an interview rather than a campus party. Although you are only a freshman or sophomore, you want the staff to see you as a pre-professional, who will represent the school with dignity in a future internship.

You may want to take your resume with you and show it to a career counselor for feedback.  (Get hints on writing your resume at internships.com.) Your resume is an evolving document, but the counselor can advise you about the accepted format. The career center offers assessments and tests to help you determine your career goals. During your academic years, your career goals may change, so it’s good to get an early reading and then retake the tests later to help chart your direction.

Take advantage of the brochures and materials on hand for helpful hints on careers. Study a list of the current internships to learn what’s available. Ask to be on the career center’s email list for upcoming events, such as internship fairs or workshops. After you’ve introduced yourself at the career center, be sure to follow up with emails or occasional visits. When you’re ready for an internship, the career center will be more than ready to help you because they know you’ll be a credit to the school.

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