How To Make Time For An Internship In the School Year

You’re going to school full-time, working part-time, and taking a leadership role in campus activities. If you’re a junior or senior, your life is probably on overload. How will you ever make time for an internship even though it’s the link to your future?  Traditional summer internships may not work for you if you have to take summer classes or work at a summer job to make money to pay your fall tuition. You do have options.

As an upperclassman, you could pursue an internship on campus with your major professor or department, saving you commuter time. Or check in with your campus career center or to find out what’s available in nearby locations. And ask your employer at your part-time job if the company has an internship that might be suitable for you. If your employer says no, consider applying for paid internships elsewhere that might provide enough income so that you wouldn’t need your part-time job.

If classes and work take up most of your week, look for an internship on the weekend. Entertainment, tourism, sports and special events, research and marketing as well as security and healthcare often need interns on the weekends. However, if you find the perfect internship, and it’s during the week, suggest that you do the required hours in one or two blocks of time rather than four or five, saving time in transportation.

Your school may be one of the growing number offering full-time, month-long internships in the winter break during the month of January. Classes are not in session and perhaps you can take a leave of absence from your job rather than having to give it up. Then, you’ll have completed your internship in one compact period. Another option is to explore remote or virtual internships, working from your computer at your convenience. To free up time for an internship, you may have to cut back on current campus activities during your internship.

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