Q. I’m not very challenged at my internship. How do I discuss this with my boss?

A. Your boss will appreciate your honesty and will identify you as a rising star. Your interest in taking on more responsibility will generate better assignments plus you’ll learn more new skills. And when you finish your internship, you’re sure to receive rave recommendations. Here’s how to ask for more challenges at your internship:

  1. Make sure you’ve done a great job on the assignments that you’ve completed. Can you document that you’ve finished all your responsibilities ahead of time and exceeded expectations? Your ability to demonstrate why you should have more challenges impresses your boss. He/she will know you take your internship seriously and want to add value to the company. (For tips on prioritizing your work, check out “Tracey’s Angle” for an intern’s perspective.)
  2. Be careful not to belittle any efforts by other interns or even co-workers who may be performing the same tasks as you. Choose your language carefully when your boss asks why you want more responsibility. Instead of using words like “boring,” or “repetitive” to describe your dissatisfaction with your assignments, explain that you want to do more to develop your skills and to help the company reach its goals. You may even add that you’re willing to continue your original assignments but want more challenging work in the company, even if it means working longer hours.
  3. Do some research before you approach your boss. In other words, be careful what you ask for because you might get it. You can ensure that your new tasks will be ones that you’ll enjoy if you have participated in selecting them. Also, you’ll be much more successful if you pick fresh challenges that showcase your talents. If you’re excellent at research, ask if you can work on a research project. If you’re a computer whiz, suggest an assignment in that area. Prepare a brief report, outlining potential new challenges along with goals and timelines. How can your boss say no?
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2 Comments on “Q. I’m not very challenged at my internship. How do I discuss this with my boss?”

  1. bhavana palreddy Says:

    hi i am searching for internships can you suggest where can i get those updates

  2. interncoach Says:

    Hello Bhavana,
    If you are searching for US internships you can search http://www.internships.com. Once you enter your search keywords and other criteria, save the search (log in on right side) and then you can get email alerts of new internships that match your search.

    Hope that helps!

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