Q. Is it too late for me to get a summer internship?

A. Absolutely not! The official first day of summer isn’t until June 21, so don’t panic. There are still lots of opportunities for you to invest in your future through an internship. In fact, you may even have more choices now than back in the early spring. Also, your summer plans have probably taken shape, giving you an accurate view of how much time you can dedicate to an internship. Here’s how to find the right one:

  1. Check the new listings on internships.com. Thousands of internships have been added over the spring, and hundreds are added every week. There are two ways you can sort through these postings—by company or by interest area.
  2. First, consider which companies appeal to you the most when you review the new listings. The internship may not be your first choice in terms of responsibilities, but at least you get inside a desirable company and can network for future opportunities. Second, explore the postings by interest area related to your major, for example, Accounting or Biology. The size or type of company may be secondary to your interest in getting an internship in your chosen field.
  3. Stop by the Career Center at your school and ask about new openings for summer internships. Schools frequently get last-minute requests, especially from local companies that prefer to work through your Career Center. If you live near the school or are staying on campus to take summer classes, you may be able to fit an internship into your schedule. An internship near your school can also be helpful because you may be able to turn that summer internship into a year-round opportunity.
  4. Create your own internship using the resources that you’ve learned from the tools on internships.com. Research the city or town where you’ll be living this summer and make a list of the companies in which you’d like to have an internship. Many small and mid-size companies don’t have formal internship programs but would value your skills and welcome you as an intern. Find out the name of the Human Resources director and send a cover letter and resume, or stop by to make an appointment. Local companies like to work with local residents.
  5. Talk to your friends and classmates about their summer internships. You may find that a few of them are unable to fulfill their internship obligations because of unexpected changes in summer plans. Perhaps you could take on the internship instead, so the company wouldn’t be left without an intern at the last moment. Or if one of your friends can’t dedicate 40 hours a week to an internship, you might suggest that you do internship-sharing—two interns handling one position. You may even end up with more than one option for a summer internship!
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One Comment on “Q. Is it too late for me to get a summer internship?”

  1. Erica Says:

    I also saw this article today about why some summer internships open up at the last minute: http://www.poynter.org/column.asp?id=77&aid=181994

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