News Flash! How to land the internship you want

Forbes Magazine just published a great article, “How to Land the Internship You Want,” on how to improve your chances of success in getting the right internship.

Key points include: 

  • Start by making a list of companies that are interesting to you and find a contact at each. Survey your friends, professors, and neighbors for a contact and an introduction.
  • Ask an in-house employee to recommend you for the internship.
  • Send your resume to a department manager as well as the human resources department. Make sure to customize your resume and cover letter for each internship.
  • Research the company and the relevant department before the interview, which could be by phone. Learn everything you can about the company and internship.  Participate in a mock phone interview in preparation.
  • Sound enthusiastic during the actual phone interview. Ask questions about the internship and inquire about the next step in the process to show your interest.

To make a list of companies of interest to you use the Company Directory on Available to Premium Members, this exclusive database of key contacts and company facts will assist you with your internship search and interview preparation. You’ll find data on 5 million companies, including company size, names, titles, and more. Sign up today!

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